“Demidov brewery” company history

“Demidov brewery” is a brewing company, which produces only the best quality beer. Our mission is creating beer-drinking culture in Russia as well as updating business processes and traditions. Trade mark “Demidov brewery”, LLC. is a product range for “Bergauer”, “Zhiguli” organic, “Czech” traditional beer and “German” beer.

“Demidov brewery”, LLC. was founded by a group of young and forward-looking brewers, graduated from Berlin research-and-development Brewery Institute (VLB). Starting from 1883 VLB is a leading scientific institution for brewery, malt making and non-alcoholic production.

Came back from Europe in 2007, young and ambitious brewers decided to renew Demidov brewery house’s, lost - in the beginning of the last century - beer recipes. Based on the traditional recipes, young brewers adapted them to modern tastes. Thanks to careful selection of the raw materials, innovative approach to brewage and people, who dared to take the highest height of themselves, new beer brands appeared and gained high-degree of consumers acceptance.

When we talk of the beer brewery in the industrial volumes, recipe is just a half of the success. How to maintain a stable quality of the unique beer in big volumes? A choice was made towards “Tagil beer” industrial site. Having modern production lines of the leading European brands, using the cleanest artesian water and high-level malt of the German and Belgium companies, yeast of the leading German brewery Institute and also highly skilled specialists control of each stage of the production cycle, afforded to maintain unique renovated recipes. “Demidov brewery” and “Tagil beer” companies cooperation became a new milestone in sales development and winning consumers loyalty to the products, born in a new professional alliance.

Trade marks of “Czech” traditional, “German” and craft “Zhiguli” organic beer became flagships of the “Demidov brewery” company. Good market results showed the right direction of the company and gave confidence to innovative brewers. And today you can see a fresh result of their work – “Bergauer” beer in premium segment.